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Jaguar Flange Holding Tool

SKU: JLR3258

Jaguar Flange Holding Tool

  • To hold drive pinion flange whilst removing/replacing pinion nut
  • To remove/replace the crankshaft damper
  • To hold flange whilst removing/replacing flange nut
  • To hold flange to undo pinion nut
  • To hold driveshaft flange whilst removing/replacing retaining nut
  • To hold crankshaft pulley whilst removing/replacing crankshaft bolt
  • To hold pinion flange whilst removing/installing flange retaining nut
  • To retain extension housing flange during flange nut removal/replacement
  • To retain drive flange during pinion nut removal/installation
  • To retain output flange during removal/replacement of the retaining nut, 5.0L, 3.0L Diesel
  • OEM NO: 205-053
  • ApplicationX100 - XK Series, X150 - XK, X150 - XK (10MY), X200 - S-TYPE, X250 - XF (10MY), X300 - XJ Sedan, X308 - V8 XJ series, X350 - XJ, X351 - XJ (10MY), X400 - X-TYPE
WARNING: California Prop 65 - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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